Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to hank cordage

I guess most of us have experienced a mess of tangled up guylines after not doing a tidy job of packing down a tarp or tent. A way of preventing this is to "hank cordage", creating nice bundles that can be quickly released. There are several ways to do this - the method I'm using is the one demonstrated in the "Tarp DVD" by

Recently there was a thread about this at and I contributed by making this short video to demonstrate how I do it:

How do you guys do it?


  1. I do it by trapping one end against the base of index finger using my thumb and then winding the long piece of cord down around little finger and back around thumb in a figure of 8 rather than a circular winding. I tie it off the same way you do.

  2. I do it the same as Mac E, the figure of 8 style. Took me a few goes to remember how to do it but it's second nature now.

  3. The same as Mac E and Joe. Bob at has a very good demonstration on hanking cordage as well as knots etc.