Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24: Fjorda

Just got back from a canoe trip in the Fjorda area, a beautiful spot only a 1.5 hour drive by car north of Oslo. It's a very popular area with lots of visitors each season, but it still feels very much like wilderness with few people to be seen, especially if you stay away from the offical camping spots which has toilets, ready made places to build a fire etc. We had planned to stay for two nights, but opted to abort because of bad weather.

Here are some photos with captions - I don't have the energy right now to write a full report.

At Solviken kanoutleie, where we rented a canoe for the trip. We were three people with backpacks and groceries and had planned to use a 3 man canoe, but they were all taken, so we ended up using a 2 man one with good loading capacity (400kg). The rental price was 300 nok per day which of course included life jackets and paddles :)

We later found out that we could've bought firewood at the rental place, which we would've done if we'd known about. Next time (we will definitely be back).

My friend Leif enjoying himself.

My hammock tarp proved useful when we were hit by lots of rain as we arrived at the island. Later in the evening the weather improved and we could chill out with good food and beer (and mintuu of course), not really having to stay under the tarp, but we did so anyway for some reason :).

Frying meat with the Bushbuddy running on dry cones :). We found that they turned into hot coals after a while which gave a nice steady heat. The BB was also nice as a heater under the tarp.

The trip back the day after was even nice than the first day as it wasn't raining and the wind had calmed. Such a beautiful, quiet place up there.

Like Tinny from Minibulldesign says: "Go out and hike, bring a friend and most importantly: have a great day!".

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the winner of the raffle is ...

Nr. 2 Ptarmigan. Congrats!

Ptarmigan wrote:

"My favourite new UL kit is my pair of Fizan Ultralight Compact poles. Quoted as 158 grams each, mine are actually 168g but they are still the lightest 3 piece poles you can buy (I believe). Aluminium, but still somehow lighter than my previous Alpkit Carbon Fibre poles and just as stiff. The lack of plastic collars on the ends of each section makes them much easier to slide down inside a pack. Finally, they are actually quite cheap compared to the competition."