Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the winner of the raffle is ...

Nr. 2 Ptarmigan. Congrats!

Ptarmigan wrote:

"My favourite new UL kit is my pair of Fizan Ultralight Compact poles. Quoted as 158 grams each, mine are actually 168g but they are still the lightest 3 piece poles you can buy (I believe). Aluminium, but still somehow lighter than my previous Alpkit Carbon Fibre poles and just as stiff. The lack of plastic collars on the ends of each section makes them much easier to slide down inside a pack. Finally, they are actually quite cheap compared to the competition."


  1. Hey thanks. Didn't see this 'til just now because I actually managed to do some camping last night, albeit car camping, but was first night under silicon encapsulated nylon for my daughter, so rights-of-passage all round.