Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ultracheap gear

Want some very, very affordable gear? Well, I found some at a site I recently discovered: It's a Hong Kong based internet store that offers a lot of different products of varying quality, but prices are very low and world wide shipping is included in all prices listed! There are also lots of very honest and useful comments from buyers, even images and videos of them demonstrating the use etc.

Here are some items that I found that may be of interest. I've ordered some of them myself, but haven't received anything yet.

Men's Windproof Winter Fleece Balaclava Scarf Hat (Black)
for $5.79 including shipping.

Mini 2-Mode White Light Camping Lantern with Carabiner Clip
for $4.33 including shipping.

I ordered this one to use in my hammock and tent. Will just clip it to the ridgeline/gear loft. Weighs 1.55oz.

Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd 10-pack
for $4.47 including shipping (!). Incredible price for ten of these small LEDs that can be useful in many situations. I am going to clip one to the inside of all my packs to use when trying to find stuff in the dark.

Wilderness Survival Fire Sparkle and Blade Cutter Tool
for $4.95 including shipping.


Compass Keychain with Thermometer
$1.65 including shipping (!). I always carry one of these (mine is from Recta) to clip to the ridgeline of my hammock or somewhere else. I like to check the temperature every once in a while.


I am of course not in any way affiliated with dealextreme.

Please leave a comment and link if you find other similar deals at the site or elsewhere.


  1. I paid 15€ for my Suunto Themometer & Compass - but then it is Finnish quality!

    Curious to hear how you find the quality of the gear you will get.

  2. I paid something like that for mine too (Recta, like this one:

    The stuff I've ordered is the 10 leds and the lantern.

  3. Great site, thanks for the link!