Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making stuffsacks - want one?

I've been making some stuffsacks lately for my brother and myself, and for one of you readers :). If you want the spinnaker stuff sack pictured below, then just leave a comment saying what you'll put in it if you win it. I'll draw a winner with in about a week.

The spinnaker stuff sack pictured is the last one I made. It is 16 by 8 inches, weighing in at a respectable 11 grams, or 0.39 ounces. It's not a perfect piece as I'm still stuggling a bit to sew straight on the slippery spinnaker, but quite servicable - just don't expect MLD quality and a warranty to boot :). I followed the instructions at, deviating slightly by not making a 1/4 inch hem before folding over and making the channel. Frankly I didn't see the point in stiching that. I also made the channel wider to make it easier to use the drawstring for opening and closing. The first one I made had a narrower channel which when tightening the drawstring would provide to much friction.

Here are some pictures from the construction.


Take care!


  1. Great looking bag!

    If I were to win it, I'd take it along on my AT thru-hike this year and load it up with either food or my Tarptent Moment. Nice G4, too, by the way. I carry the Gorilla pack and love it.

    ED -- edbarkowski(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Always can use more stuff sacks, especially made of spinnaker! I'd put my Klättermusen Loke in it, or on summer tours my Rab Microlite vest. And when I find the time to MYOG my down pants, they would find their place in it!

  3. This is a great initiative Thomas!

    I'd like a new stuff sack for my new stove that is winging it's way across the Atlantic.

  4. Looks great!
    Always needs for smart stuff bags.
    Think I have to plan for some serious sewing :-)

  5. Hi Thomas
    Keep Up The Good Work... This blog is very interesting! I got this blog from my brother Marcus. As you may know I have a disability since birth so I don't do so much hiking but I am very interested in outdoor gears an UL gears. I now live in Faroe Islands since almost 8 years back >> you should come to the Faroes sometime and hike. I will be reading your blog from now on...
    Good luck with your future projects & plans.
    /Mats Brisenfeldt

  6. Mats: Hi! Marcus has told me a lot about you. I would love to hike on the Faroe Islands sometime. Take care.

  7. great post's, I do need something to keep my rain gear survival stuff in... what would be awesome is if you could sew in a couple extra tabs in where you could slip a belt in and double this as a lumbar pak for daytrips from base camp!... just a thought, do you think something like that is possible and would hold up?

  8. That looks like a great bag! I would probably use it for a food bag or clothing.

    It'd be my first spinnaker bag, too! i have never seen the stuff.

  9. Hey, new here. Very cool. I'd use it for clothing!

  10. I just recently made a stuff sack for the purposes of bear hanging. The design I used was a little different than yours, I am quite happy with then end result. I posted my process photos here:

  11. We're making stuffsacks from cuben fibre soon - really, really interesting and great photos. Thanks for taking the time to do that.