Monday, February 1, 2010

Warbonnet Blackbird on the way

(photo by Warbonnet Outdoors)

I ordered a Warbonnet Blackbird hammock today from Brandon at Warbonnet Outdoors. Brandon is a one man operation well known for producing excellent hammocks, being a long time hammock user himself. He also sells tarps, underquilts and more.

I think the Blackbird will be a step up from the Hennesy Hammock Expedition that I already own, and which I'll give to my brother to be his first hammock.

Main differences as I perceive them:

1) more user friendly suspension using webbing with a buckle and carabiner. No more knots and no more finding trees that are narrow enough for the tree huggers to fit right. Take a look at this video where Brian demonstrates how to set up the Blackbird:

2) more aggressive cut to produce a nice footbox

3) a shelf on one side to put various items needed during the night

4) side entry vs "womb entry" on the Hennesy Hammock. I kind of like the womb entry (somehow that didn't sound right), but I think I will like the side entry better, we'll see. Here's a youtube video where the designer of the Hennessy demonstrates the way the womb entry works:

5) double layer (option I chose) for strength and to make it easier to use a pad. I used my Exped Downmat 7 in the Hennessy last summer, but it wasn't ideal. This will be better for sure.

6) more comfortable to use as lounging chair, at least according to a youtube video I found. Personally I can't remember the HH being that uncomfortable.

Well, I'll report back when I get in a couple of weeks (it'll be moving along slowly via USPS First Class International).

Have a great evening.


  1. I like your blog. I'm not sure how I missed it in the past, but I'm glad I found it. Keep up the good work.

    I explored hammocking over the course of the last few years and decided it wasn't for me, but I'm still intriged by it especially when it snows. I just couldn't find one long enough. I tried just about every option to include those you mentioned. My favorite was the Blackbird which I actually bought twice in a foolhearty effort to make something work that didn't have a prayer. I'm 6'6" and 280 pounds, so this isn't an uncommon problem. I'm still on the lookout for the next new "maybe" product which may help me become a hanger, until then, I'll dwell in the dirt.

    Best wishes,

    Jolly Green Giant

  2. Ah yes, you were hammocking, I remember! You must be one of few Scandinavians who are not sleeping on the floor. I tried hammocks while living in Central America, but couldn't get to sleep in them (which might be due to other reasons, as I love relaxing in them). Maybe we need to make a trip some day together where I can try your hammock ;)

  3. Jolly Green Giant: thanks for the encouragement - that motivates me in updating this blog. I hope you find a hammock setup that you like. Maybe you could order something custom from Warbonnet? Are you a DIYer by the way?

    Hendrik: I don't think I've ever seen a hammocker in the forests here, only on the beach and in parks :). I don't have much experience with hammocking really, having only done one overnighter and a couple of day trips with it, but I got more sleep that one night than I usually get in a tent. I think it's the way to go. Only bad thing is the lacking of space to hang out to play cards etc and to cook. Sure, the tarp provides cover, but it won't be same thing if its windy etc. I'm still exploring shelter options and will try tarp+bivy, hammocking and some tent life during spring/summer/fall. Yes, I would like to hike with you sometime - that would be really cool. What are your hiking plans for the summer?