Saturday, January 30, 2010

DIY thread stand and hammock tarps

Found this nice DIY project to make thread stand while browsing the Speer Hammock website :

Very useful when using large cones like the 6000 yard ones sold by I made one this afternoon, but it wasn't as easy as it looked. I lost my temper several times trying to bend it to fit the right way :) (cries of frustration is an integral part of DIY/MYOG). But it turned out fine in the end.

I was browsing the Speer Hammock website because I'm looking for a bigger tarp for my Hennesy hammock. The standard one is pretty small, barely enough to give enough protection if it's raining. A larger tarp would give an area for cooking, sorting gear etc. I was hoping to be able to use my GG SpinnTwinn for this, but it doesn't seem to be ideal after reading some posts about cat tarps and hammocks. The genereal recommendation is the OES Maccat Deluxe in spinnaker, weighing in at 10.2 ounces. I dont't know if the photo below is the silynylon or spinnaker version (probably the former).

 The tarps from Speer Hammocks seem nice too, but a bit heavier and with 6 guyout points needed compared to 4 with the Maccat. They sell MYOG kits though which is cool, both for hammocks and tarps.

The article "How do I stay dry in a hammock" has lots of pictures of different hammock and tarp setups.

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