Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G4 side pieces done

Both side pieces of the G4 are done now. I opted to make one side a little bit different than the other, standard one (single big, tall pocket). I wanted to have a water bottle pocket and a smaller pocket above it, like on the GG Mariposa plus. The small pocket is missing the elastic in this photo btw.

The water bottle pocket is angled slightly and has a cord-lock to be able to adjust for different bottle sizes etc. I think it turned out nice, but I am not 100% sure how it will work in the field. We'll see.

Here's the other side which is just one big pocket, suitable for a tarp/tent for instance. Note that this picture contains an error. I made the "darts" at the bottom of the pocket point outwards before realizing it was wrong, and it should be the other way around, inwards that is. It was easy to fix.

And here are some pictures from the construction:

The next step is to attach the bottom pieces and then to sew all the main pieces together. Will be fun to see how it turns out!

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