Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fleece beanie and G4 front pocket

I wanted to do something quick today so I made a fleece beanie following the instructions on the swedish site (excellent site that can be readily translated with google translation).

The fleece I used was from a blanket that I found on sale. Picked it up after work and made the beanie in under an hour. Very easy. Cutting the fabric was actually the most time consuming part of the process. The pattern is for 60cm which fits my head perfectly, so no need to adjust the pattern with a photo copier or the like. I think will I go ahead and make a similar beanie/hat with whats left of Momentum and Climashield from the Minima vest project. Hopefully that will be very warm for the weight, something in the realm of the Black Rock Gear UL Down Hat.

The fleece beanie actually feels kind of strange. I don't think the fleece type used in blankets is ideal ;).

I also managed to finish the front pocket of the G4. Will go ahead and do the side pockets next, and then sew the main pieces together.


  1. Very nice. The Momentum/ Climashield hat sounds good as well.

    How about you put a "Followers" widget on the right side? That way we can always be up-to-date on what you do (it feeds updates automatically to my RSS feed).